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Our programme

All Calligratherapy programme have been developed specifically to those who have never practiced calligraphy before and are interested in deriving the benefits without having to learn the language or all the characters.

Beginner’s programme

Calligratherapy beginner’s programme integrates the simple and intuitive act of inhaling and exhaling into calligraphy practice. A range of different breathing exercises are embedded into each 90 mins session focusing on different calligraphy script. Over ten weeks’time , you will get into a habit of healthy breathing while learning new techniques of Chinese soft brush calligraphy.

Intermediate programme

This 10 week’s intermediate programme will introduce you to the basics of Shui-mo Ink Art.

It is designed in a way to accommodate both students that are new to Calligratherapy or those who have completed the beginner’s programme.

Calli-paint ‘n’ bond: a Calligratherapy programme for family

This is a three month blended calligratherapy programme called “The Enchanted Brush.” Through an online teacher-guided course paired with an offline face-to-face workshop, this programme offers a one-of-a-kind and captivating learning experience.

It tells a story of love, family, friendship, the Great Race of the Zodiac Animals, ink art, and Chinese characters—all through the magical brush that ties it all together.