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Calli-paint’n’ bond story series 2

There was once a single Monkey mother who dedicated herself to caring for her two children – a rebellious Rooster daughter and an impish Piggy son. While she was always worried about their safety, she determined to give them each a special gift that would protect them from any harm.

To the Rooster daughter, the Monkey mother gave a beautiful and sturdy umbrella which, unbeknownst to her daughter, was made of the strongest material and could withstand any storm or strong wind. To her Piggy son, the Monkey mother presented a magical bell with special powers that were said to ward off any evil creature or spirit that threatened them in the forest.

From then on, whenever the two siblings set out in search of adventure they carried with them these gifts from their loving Monkey mother offering protection from unseen dangers. With this knowledge that they were safe, they continued to explore and play happily in the forest – free from fear and full of joy!

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