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Calli-paint’n’ bond story series 3

Eristic pair

Once upon a time, there were two friends named Alice and Leah. They had known each other for their entire lives and were always debating over everything from politics to video games.

Leah was an avid believer in the power of facts and logic while Alice embraced feelings and intuition as her primary sources of truth.

This made debates between them an interesting tug-of-war, as neither one could ever agree on anything definitively – making it impossible for either one to win. Each wanted so desperately for the other to validate their point of view that they would often argue much past the end of any logical conclusion – leading only to frustration or heated silence when no agreement was reached.

Yet despite all this, they both remained steadfast in their friendship due largely to the fact that when push came to shove, they respected each other’s opinions even if they didn’t necessarily agree with them. While it may have been difficult at times, Alice and Leah’s  never ending debates will keep them close together until the end of their days.

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