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Explore meaning behind Chinese character composition#4

Love is a powerful emotion that we all experience at some point in our lives. It’s an elusive concept that can be difficult to define, but we all know it when we feel it. Love is often associated with positive things, like happiness, joy, and compassion. But love can also be painful and bittersweet. It’s a complex emotion that can be interpreted in many different ways.

The character for love 愛 is composed of four radicals: 爪 (claw), 冖 (cover), 心 (heart), and 夂 (action). These four radicals together provide a concise summary of what love means. The first two radicals represent the hands that protect the heart carefully by providing a cover. The second two radicals represent the action or movement which comes from the heart. Together, these four radicals illustrate the meaning behind love: it’s an emotion that comes from the heart and manifests through action. 

We can apply this meaning to our work and lives by remembering to always act from our hearts. When we do this, we are more likely to experience love in everything we do. We’ll be more compassionate towards others, and we’ll find greater satisfaction in our work and relationships. By keeping the meaning of 愛 in mind, we can strive to live our lives with intention, love, and kindness. 

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