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Have you ever heard of calligratherapy? Well, if the answer is no, then don’t worry. You’re not alone. But, it’s definitely something that you should know about. Calligratherapy is a practice that combines mindful meditation with traditional calligraphy to help users relieve stress and anxiety while fostering mental clarity and creativity. Recently, I had the pleasure of talking about the benefits of calligratherapy on Hutt City FM 106.7 The Hutt Weekender in a morning show interview with Lisa. 

 this blog post, I will be discussing my experience of being on air as well as exploring how calligratherapy can benefit people who are looking for a creative outlet to manage their stress levels and enhance their cognitive functioning.

Interview recording with the Hutt Weekender regarding calligratherapy, the techniques employed and the positive impacts with this mindfulness activity.

Walking into the set was a surreal experience—it felt like I had stepped into another world where everything was professional yet comfortable at the same time. Behind the scenes there was friendly chatter among staff members and high-tech equipment used to monitor sound levels and other technical aspects of broadcasting live radio shows. It was easy to slip right into conversation with Lisa about calligratherapy during our interview, as she asked questions in a conversational yet professional manner which allowed our discussion to flow naturally and easily throughout our time together on air. 

We discussed how calligratherapy helps individuals manage stress and anxiety by combining mindful meditation techniques with traditional calligraphy practices such as tracing shapes or repeating mantras while writing words that are meaningful to them in order to promote relaxation and increased focus on the present moment. We also talked about some of the many benefits people can experience from this practice—such as improved cognitive functioning, enhanced creativity through artistic expression, heightened self-confidence, better emotional awareness, improved moods through releasing pent-up energy and connecting with one’s inner creative power—all while they enjoy practicing artful lettering techniques such as brush lettering or modern script lettering styles! 

As we continued our conversation on air, I found myself becoming more comfortable speaking into the microphone even though this was my first time doing an interview for a morning show! I felt peaceful energy emanating from simply being on air discussing something that I’m passionate about—the benefits of calligratherapy—and sharing stories from my own personal journey with others who may have never heard of this practice before now! 

Reflecting back on my experience at Hutt City FM 106.7 The Hutt Weekender has been truly incredible! Being able to talk about something I am so passionate about with Lisa has been both exciting yet calming at the same time; it’s amazing how powerful it can be when your voice is amplified around you in such a unique atmosphere! Ultimately, my goal is for this blog post to serve as an informative resource for those looking to learn more about calligratherapy and its many benefits; from relieving stress,  anxiety management all the way up to increasing creativity and self-expression.

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