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As organisations in both the government and corporate sectors aim to foster an inclusive workplace, they must recognize the importance of diversity. Creating a truly diverse environment requires creating safe spaces for people of all backgrounds, genders, races and religions to coexist. This becomes particularly important when considering multinational contexts – wherein a variety of cultures come together as one workplace. By embracing multiculturalism in the workplace organizations can benefit from increased staff satisfaction and creativity, boosted commercial performance and financial returns. In this blog post, we will share an event recently hosted by us for the Ministry of Health to explore how to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together. 

At the Ministry of Health, we recently hosted a Chinese calligraphy and ink art event to celebrate and embrace multiculturalism in the workplace. The event was themed around welcoming the Year of Rabbit in 2023, with 20 people attending to write 福in multiple scripts and paint rabbits in creative styles. It was designed to encourage creative collaboration among employees from various cultural backgrounds. 

The event provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about traditional Chinese culture and develop an appreciation for the delicate beauty of Chinese characters. The atmosphere was made even more special by the selection of cultural music and beautiful decorations, which really set the mood for a pleasant, friendly and warm event.

Aside from the creative expression that Chinese calligraphy provides, we also saw the unique beauty of Chinese characters that everyone could appreciate and enjoy. The session proved to be a great opportunity for colleagues to come together and gain understanding despite differences in culture, inspiring team spirit in the process.

The attendees were delighted with the event and gave overwhelmingly positive feedback. Ben Li said, “It was an excellent event… It was wonderful to see on display such a culturally significant but little known art, and for it to get the publicity it deserves.”

The event even provided health benefits with participants reporting improved breathing, mindfulness and reduced stress. Eng Chew commented: “Better Health through Calligraphy…Improve breathing, mindfulness and reduce stress. What else can one ask for from a great teacher.”

The event was a fantastic success and each participant left with their own piece of art, to commemorate the occasion. Here at the Ministry of Health, we are thrilled to be able to host such meaningful cultural experiences that break down barriers and bring people closer together. We look forward to hosting more events in the future that celebrate and embrace multiculturalism.

 Feedback from the group: 

This was an excellent event. There was a distinctly traditional atmosphere helped immensely by a good selection of cultural music and wall decorations. The teacher was enthusiastic and passionate and contributed to the overall friendly and warm vibe of the event. It was wonderful to see on display such a culturally significant but little known art, and for it to get the publicity it deserves. 

– Ben Li, Evidence, Research and Innovation

Professional, patient and knowledgeable.

– Simon Liu, Cancer Control Agency

It is awesome work and everyone looks forward to having another session.

– Paul Yan, Evidence, Research and Innovation

It was an excellent opportunity to introduce Chinese calligraphy to our colleagues. We had a wonderful time practicing and felt like being at another place, peaceful and fun. The time flew fast. It was also great that each of us left with our own piece of “arts”. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Alice!

– Jing You, Evidence, Research and Innovation

Beautiful and relaxing time with a really professional and friendly teacher. Alice introduced us to the culture and made sure we took home something we could be proud of!

– Lynley Povey, Evidence, Research and Innovation

Better Health through Calligraphy.  Improve breathing, mindfulness and reduce stress.  What else can one ask for from a great teacher.

– Eng Chew, Finance

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