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5 reasons to book a Calligratherapy workshop for your team:

  1. You will fuel their creativity through building skill in Chinese soft brush calligraphy
  2. Your team will build a new mindfulness practice
  3. It adds another tool to manage everyday stress levels and access a calm, empowered and positive state of mind
  4. It can be designed to accommodate preferences for individualised practice or shared group activity, depending on the preferences of your team and your goals for the workshop.
  5. I can show you how to embed this practice in your ongoing personal and team projects for long term benefits
Enrich your team with a new approach to wellbeing connection that allows individuals to harness their creativity and experience mindfulness in a new way. Talk to me today to see how I can support you to bring another tool into your leadership toolkit to enable your people to experience the benefits of calligratherpay. What people say about our calligratherapy sessions:
“I can’t really explain how beneficial calligratherapy was for me. My shoulders dropped, my breath slowed, and I felt refreshed. It was really beneficial and I don’t even have an artistic bone in my body, but it is something I crave “
Want to chat about hosting a calligraphy night for your team? Email for corporate calligraphy workshop options for your team’s needs.

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