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Celebrate the Year of the Dragon 2024 with red dragon paper cutting on the background of gold colored cloud, lantern, flowers and money sign, the red Chinese phrase means Year of the Dragon according to Chinese lunar calendar

龍 Long, also known as the Chinese Dragon, is a mythical creature among the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. It has always been regarded as a symbol of immense power, authority, and wisdom in Chinese mythology. Unlike the fire-breathing dragons of Western lore, the Chinese Dragon, Loong 龍, is a benevolent creature often associated with water, controlling the weather and the seas. In terms of physical appearance, Long 龍 is typically depicted as a serpentine creature with the body of a snake, the scales of a fish, the claws of an eagle, and the antlers of a stag. They also have a pair of large, pearl-like eyes and a beard. Sometimes, Long 龍 is shown with a pearl under its chin or in its claws, symbolizing wisdom, power, and wealth. Despite its fearsome appearance, Long 龍 is revered as a bringer of good fortune and prosperity.

2024 is the year of 龍Long,  to celebrate the New Year, hosting a unique Calligratherapy Workshop for your team will foster a sense of cultural appreciation and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Participants will have the opportunity to craft Spring couplets, a traditional practice believed to bring prosperity and good fortune. Immerse in the techniques of Chinese calligraphy, practice brush strokes, and create stunning ink art inspired by the majestic 龍 Long, Chinese Dragon.

Extend the experience with a traditional Chinese tea-tasting session.  Led by the skilled facilitator Yan Li and managed by Michelle Housley, our Business Manager, this workshop promises an unforgettable cultural immersion.

The workshop will be available in both New Zealand and Canada. 

For the New Zealand workshop, please reach out to Xin Huang at For the Canada workshop, kindly contact Michelle Housley at

Welcome the Year of the Dragon with creativity, camaraderie, and cultural appreciation. Connect with us to learn more and host this exciting event! 🐉🖌️🏮 #YearOfTheDragon #ChineseNewYear #CalligraphyWorkshop

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