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Chinese New Year Special Workshop with Miracle Electronics

In today’s world, embracing multiculturalism is an important factor in helping to build a society that respects and values diversity. As such, the Miracle Electronics recognised this importance and took steps to foster a stronger sense of community by hosting their Chinese New Year special workshop.

The activity took place at their Lower Hutt Site. Shelves of mechanical accessories framed the area, three desks in the middle adorned with tools on top – these were their designated workstations. In a matter of minutes, everything was cleared and replaced by Calligraphy sets and the workshop suddenly became a calligraphy studio.

The workshop provided much more than just a fun celebration of the Chinese New Year. It also provided participants with an opportunity to learn about a different culture and appreciate its traditions. By encouraging team members to work together, the workshop promoted collaboration among colleagues from different ethnic backgrounds, allowing them to gain insight into each other’s cultures in an enjoyable way. 

The enthusiasm of all team members was evident as they worked together to create their own pieces of traditional Chinese calligraphy. The feedback suggests that activities such as this one help to foster a sense of unity, respect and understanding among colleagues who come from different backgrounds.
Furthermore, the workshop provided participants with insight into the cultural significance of writing 春联(Spring Couplets) and Fu福 (Blessing happiness). It was interesting to learn about the importance of these traditional Chinese symbols and how they are used to signify good luck for the coming year. The workshop provided a unique opportunity for team members to appreciate another culture, which helped foster a stronger sense of respect for cultural diversity.
At the end of the workshop, team members left with newfound appreciation for Chinese culture and strengthened relationships with their colleagues. They also received meaningful blessings in the form of a traditional Fu福 to take home and celebrate the Lunar New Year. 
By celebrating multiculturalism through activities like this one, Miracle Electronics  shows that they are committed to embracing diversity in their workplace, which is a great example for other businesses. At the same time, team members were able to engage in meaningful activities and develop stronger bonds with one another, making it a great form of team building. 

The Miracle Electronics team has demonstrated that by celebrating different cultures and engaging in meaningful activities, we can create a more diverse and harmonious workplace. By coming together to learn about another culture, and taking part in activities like calligraphy writing, we can foster better understanding of other cultures while building stronger relationships within the workplace. It is a great example of how, by embracing multiculturalism, we can create an even more productive, collaborative and inclusive environment.

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