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“Ink and Brush 笔墨是小舟: A Cultural Performance” is a mesmerizing show crafted by RuoYan Zuo and Xin Huang for a group of eight young children aged 6 to 12.Presented at TSB Arena Wellington during the 2024 Year of the Dragon celebrations on February 18th, this enchanting production blends Guzheng music, vocals, and Chinese calligraphy into a captivating performance.

The graceful melodies, performed by Ariel Tsai, Renee Li, and their music teacher RuoYan Zuo, are complemented by the angelic voices of Scarlett Zhang Tan, Bella Yang, and Flora Jin.

As the children’s sweet voices resonate through the arena, the fascinating art of Chinese calligraphy, written by Lyla Ren, Xiao Xiao, Gracie Guo, and their instructor Xin Huang, adds an extra layer of beauty.

The climax of the performance occurs when Lyla, alongside Scarlett, Bella, and Flora, shares their calligraphy pieces with the audience, spreading New Year’s blessings to all.

This program, artistically crafted by RuoYan Zuo, seamlessly blends music and calligraphy, fostering a platform for children to share knowledge and recognize art as a unifying force.

The program was highlighted on TV One News as part of the New Year’s festivities nationwide.

To introduce your children to the ancient art of playing the Guzheng, an instrument with over two thousand years of history, please reach out to Ruoyan Zuo 若琰 Zuo 左 at

For your children to explore the world of Chinese calligraphy, feel free to contact Xin Huang at

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