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Taking a step back and embracing stillness might be the best way to alleviate our worries and gain clarity in uncertain times. The Chinese character “静” is a reminder of this philosophy – one that encourages us to take a break, clear our minds, and take stock of our situation. Quietude can help us let go of our anxieties, achieve mental clarity, and reconnect with our innermost self. When we choose to be still rather than act impulsively in difficult moments, we can open up the possibility for wiser decisions that benefit us in the long run.

The Chinese character “静” is a unique symbol that carries a special wisdom – one that has been passed down for thousands of years. It is composed of two distinct characters. On the left, the symbol represents sky blue, which is thought to be associated with tranquility and peace. On the right, it represents competition – a reminder that in stillness and serenity lies strength for achieving success. Together they create a reminder that in stillness and quietude lies the strength to compete, and through it we can focus our energy more effectively to achieve success. 

中文的“静”字 千古流传着一种特别的智慧。这个字由两部分组成:左侧是天蓝青色,象征着宁静、和平;右侧一个“争”字道尽人生百态。静之中有争斗;以静制动;静不下来的人是争不到的.

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